Just like any industry, your support staff are a crucial element to running a successful business. You need to make sure you have the right foundations in place so you can focus on the good stuff and build a credible, successful business.  Often the unsung heroes, but without them, things start to crumble.

I’ve spent nearly 20 years now working purely in the design and architecture industries placing admin support staff, ensuring each hire is the right addition to their team so the magic in the studio can continue to happen.

From my experience, the successful hires are always the ones who have worked in the creative industries before. They just get it! They understand the pressures on the design teams, the processes of projects and terminology. They get project deadlines. They know when to pipe up and when not to. They know exactly what kind of support they need to provide so they can deliver and a studio can run seamlessly. They can just hit the ground running and quickly be part of the team with little disruption. They really do just get it!

They also tend to have a real interest and passion in what you do which always brings commitment and the drive, energy and motivation to deliver, ensuring productivity in the team is at an absolute high.  Often, they have a creative background or studied a design degree yet realised their strengths lay in the organisational side of things so come with a similar mind set and fit right into the company culture.  It’s a no brainer really.

Get the foundations right and the team will flourish!

So if you are looking to hire a new PA or Office Manager or anything else in the operations and support side then get in touch and we can talk through exactly what you need.

If you are one of the unsung heroes looking for your next career move and have worked in the creative industries then get in touch.

Call me on 0207 096 5045 or email me at kara@karagrecruitment.com

The roles I cover include:

Admin Support: Office Managers, Studio Managers, HR, Studio Administrators/Coordinators, Project Administrators, Team Assistants/Secretaries, PA’s and EA’s, Receptionists, Office Assistants.

Creative Services: Studio Managers, Traffic/Resource Managers, Creative Services Managers and Assistants, Production Managers, Coordinators and Assistants.

Marketing: Marketing Managers, Marketing/Social Media Consultants, Marketing Assistants and Coordinators, Business Development Coordinators, Bid Managers and Coordinators