“After finding me a fantastic role 7 years ago which I grew and grew in, in which I also worked with Kara as a client, to helping my secure my next adventure recently, Kara is the only recruiter I will use. Karas approach is professional, relaxed, and honest, she will tell you if you’re not fit for a role, which is great as no one’s time is wasted (which a lot of other recruiters seem to do). Recently, Kara was able to negotiate a full-time role to be part time for me and dealt with a few legal queries after I was made redundant whilst in the middle of the recruitment process. One thing for sure is that Kara will make sure she finds the right role for you and your new future employer.”


EA, Client and Candidate

“From the moment I registered with Kara, she was helpful, professional and walked me through every stage of the process. She put me forward for the perfect role after carefully considering my experience and career goals. I am now in my dream role and company – I would definitely recommend discussing your future career with Kara.”


Communications Coordinator, Candidate

“Honest, straight talking and she listens … the quality of candidates are a breath of fresh air.”


Practice Manager, Client

“My faith in recruitment agencies was at an all time low, then I managed to track down Kara again. All I can say is this girl gets it! After all, she’s the only one who manages to place me in roles that last. The first was over 5 years ago and recently she scored again. Not only do I have a boss that supports me, Kara has found me a job I actually feel happy in. If you’re looking for someone who’s real and sticks to their word, Kara’s your girl.”


Studio Manager, Candidate

“I first met Kara in 2006 when she placed me as Studio Manager for a well known Architectural visualisation studio. I was impressed with her professional, relaxed demeanour and honest and astute approach. Over the next 8 years, Kara has placed me in 2 other roles – one with a high end Interior Design practice, a new role which required a sensitive, specific and diligent search to fill; qualities of which come naturally to Kara. The 3rd role was a temp position and exactly what I wanted, in a lovely, positive and well known company. I’ve also worked with Kara as a client . She just knows instinctively who will fit with which company and vice versa. Her level headed, open and reassuring manner make her a delight to work with as a client as well as a candidate. Having such a long standing relationship with a recruitment agent is uncommon and I can only credit Kara with her loyalty, assiduousness and brilliant communication skills. We’ve stayed in touch not only because she has always, always come up trumps in finding well suited roles but because of her warmth and genuine friendly care. I’m very pleased to have had her help me at every stage of my career over the last 8 years and look forward to many more.”


Studio Manager, Client and Candidate

“Kara is my favourite consultant.  I was looking for something fresh and new and she placed me in a role that was  different  to previous roles and within a new industry which needs a certain talent to get right. The longer in the role the more I understand how right she got it and what a brilliant understanding she has of matching. She’s so easy to get along with, sensitive, fun and honest.  I particularly value the latter as my experience with other agencies was pretty various and not always such a positive experience as with Kara.”


EA, Candidate